Help your employees become a strong line of defence against cyber attacks

Strengthen The Weakest Link In Your Cybersecurity Posture

The single most important cybersecurity investment that you can make is an investment in training your people to become cyber aware. The vast majority of cyberattacks target the people in your organisation before they target your IT infrastructure and against this backdrop the need to help your employees become cyber aware and recognise potential threats has never been greater. By leveraging technology, ITSEC can help you engage your end users and arm them against real-world cyber attacks, using personalised security awareness training based on our industry-leading threat intelligence. We help you deliver the right cybersecurity awareness training to the right people at the right time.

Effective security awareness training can help your employees become a strong line of defence against cyber attacks. Our customisable cybersecurity education content covers a broad range of security risks, from phishing attacks to insider threats. Our robust reporting tools help you identify areas of susceptibility, share the end results with program stakeholders, and deliver targeted cybersecurity awareness training when and where it's most needed.

How we can help

Multilingual Support

We provide consistent cybersecurity training for small, medium or large organisations, training which has been translated and localised into 35+ languages.

Proven Methodology

Our experience based methodology maximises security awareness training and learning through cyclical assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement.

Bespoke Training

We can tailor our security awareness training to suit your organisations and employees needs and cover a wide range of different cybersecurity threats.


We personalise our cyber awareness training to your individual employees based on their knowledge gaps and learning needs, it's the most effective way.

Progress Reporting

Our platform measures the progress of each training program participant and makes it easy to share the results with participants and program stakeholders.

Close The Knowledge Gap

Easily leverage our platform to identify problematic knowledge gaps and quickly close those gaps to bring your employees up to speed.

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