Privileged Access Management

Ensure that no misssion-critical assets are left unmanaged, unknown or unmonitored.

Privilege misuse is a top cybersecurity threat today that often results in expensive losses and can even cripple businesses. It's also one of the most popular attack vectors among hackers, because when successfully carried out, it provides free access to an enterprise's underbelly, often without raising any alarms until the damage is done.

We offer comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to incorporate PAM into their overall security operations. With the solutions’ contextual integration capabilities, you can build a central console where different parts of your IT management system interconnect for deeper correlation of privileged access data and overall network data, facilitating meaningful inferences and quicker remedies. 

ITSEC partners with the best of breed vendors to empower businesses looking to stay ahead of this growing risk with a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) program.

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