Leverage advanced email security and protect your organisation

Stop Spam, Fraudulent Emails, Phishing Attacks & Malware

Protect your employees against known and unknown email threats, including impostor email, or business email compromise. In a world where the majority of emails that you receive on a daily basis can easily be classified as 'unwanted', our email gateway is built to stop spam emails, phishing emails and malware attachments dead in their tracks before they can be delivered to your inbox. It safely delivers the good email and stops the malicious emails.

Our secure email gateway can also automatically encrypt emails that you send out which contain confidential or sensitive information and it can also analyse outgoing emails to prevent sensitive data from leaving your organisation. Depending on your requirements you can host our email gateway internally (on-premises), either on a virtual server or an appliance, or you can host our email gateway in the cloud which is better suited to scalability if you experience a sudden spike in the number of users or email traffic. A cloud-based service is able to quickly scale in order to meet and maintain performance levels should a spike occur.

ITSEC can help you deploy, configure and host our secure email gateway (either in the cloud or on-premise) so that your organisation can quickly leverage advanced email security and protect your user's and their inboxes from spam, phishing and ransomware email attacks. We can also manage this as a service for you too, from setup, to configuration and deployment.

How we can help

Automation Capabilities

If your users receive emails which are potentially malicious, you have the capability to automatically find and delete those emails across the organisation.

Deployment Flexibility

You can deploy our secure email gateway in the cloud for elastic scalability, or on-premise using either a virtual machine or an appliance.

Defend Against Spam

Dramatically cut down on the amount of spam your users receive and stop spam dead in its tracks before it can get to their email inboxes.

Defend Against Malware

Reduce the risk of your users opening a malicious attachment or clicking on a malicious URL by stopping those emails from getting to them.

Control Outbound Emails

Stop confidential or sensitive intellectual property leaking from your organisation with advanced email security policies or automatic email encryption.

Threat Intelligence

Give your IT administrators the ability to holistically view the email threats against your organisation and discover which users are being specifically targeted.

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