Stop Spam, Fraudulent Emails, Phishing Attacks & Malware Dead In Their Tracks

Protect your employees against known and unknown email threats, including impostor email, or business email compromise. In a world where the majority of emails that you receive on a daily basis can easily be classified as 'unwanted', our email gateway is built to stop spam emails, phishing emails and malware attachments dead in their tracks before they can be delivered to your inbox. It safely delivers the good email and stops the malicious emails.

Our secure email gateway can also automatically encrypt emails that you send out which contain confidential or sensitive information and it can also analyse outgoing emails to prevent sensitive data from leaving your organisation. Depending on your requirements you can host our email gateway internally (on-premises), either on a virtual server or an appliance, or you can host our email gateway in the cloud which is better suited to scalability if you experience a sudden spike in the number of users or email traffic. A cloud-based service is able to quickly scale in order to meet and maintain performance levels should a spike occur.

ITSEC can help you deploy, configure and host our secure email gateway (either in the cloud or on-premise) so that your organisation can quickly leverage advanced email security and protect your user's and their inboxes from spam, phishing and ransomware email attacks. We can also manage this as a service for you too, from setup, to configuration and deployment.

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"Letting ITSEC hunt for threats on your network and IT infrastructure is a smart move, they almost always find some sort of cyber threat that your cybersecurity software or technology had not previously detected."

Marek BialoglowyChief Technology Officer

"When ITSEC hunts for threats they do so in a systematic and methodical way to make sure that they catch any and every threat which may be lurking on your networks undiscovered. They also check the darknet for threats too."

Dr Varin KheraChief Strategy Officer

"I am regularly surprised at the threats which modern cybersecurity software and technnology can miss, this makes it essential that you regularly hunt for threats on your IT infrastructure in a proactive way and on a regular basis."

Patrick DannacherGroup CEO