Mitigate Against The Vulnerabilities Of Unpatched Software

When we talk about 'unpatched software' we are talking about software with known security vulnerabilities. When software developers discover vulnerabilities in their code, they create fixes for the vulnerabilities, which are called patches, in order to fix the security hole in their code. Software and operating systems which have not been properly updated almost always contain known vulnerabilities and if you fail to update them when a new patch update is published, they can represent a huge cybersecurity risk. By the time most patches are published the cybercriminals usually know about the vulnerability and seek to exploit it to compromise your systems. Leaving your software unpatched is one of the most basic security errors that organizations can make and very often they learn this the hard way.

Making sure that your operating systems, software and hardware is fully patched and up-to-date can be a full time job depending on the number of workstations and devices you have. You need to maintain an up-to-date inventory of all the software you have running on all of your machines and know when to update them the minute a new security patch is published, this can be difficult to do and get right without the right software. ITSEC's vulnerability management software is an enterprise ready solution for automated patch management and vulnerability mitigation. It provides comprehensive visibility into your unpatched vulnerabilities and covers the assessment and remediation of potential threats to your IT assets and applications across your organisations entire IT infrastructure.

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"What I like the most about Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management services is that they can help organisations to quickly fill any gaps in their security capabilities, simply by outsourcing key cybersecurity processes and functions to the ITSEC security operations team."

Alvin RaffertyMD Australia

"I often hear from business leaders that their strongest driver for outsourcing cybersecurity to a Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management services provider is that it allows them to keep their internal teams activities focused on their commercial priorities."

David ChiaMD Singapore

"You can spend an enormous amount of money, time and energy building out a cybersecurity department and still not get it right. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management services allow you to get cybersecurity right from day one and share the responsibility for cyber risk."

Andri HutamaMD Indonesia