Strengthen The Weakest Link In Your Cybersecurity Posture

Protecting an organisation from cyber attack requires a long list of security processes that can quickly overwhelm even the largest organisations. Building the internal capability to deliver an effective cyber security team also involves significant costs and resources. ITSEC's Managed Security Services (MSS) offers a solution to this problem, by providing a cost-effective outsourcing option where high quality security solutions can be delivered as a service to equip organisations with an on-demand cybersecurity force-multiplier.

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio contains a variety of services that provide security at all stages of the defence lifecycle: prevention, detection and response. With ITSEC providing this service, businesses can instead focus on the positive opportunities that arise from embracing new technologies and solutions.  One of the most important services we offer is patch management, making sure that your software, hardware and operating systems are properly patched against the latest vulnerabilities. This is important because attackers use unpatched software as an entry point into your IT infrastructure, if something is unpatched you are effectively leaving a window open for them. We automate the monitoring of your IT assets to ensure that when new patches are released, we know about them and can apply them.

Every organisation has endpoints (your employees PC's) and these can often be the weakest link in your security, primarily because humans sometimes click on things they should not. We actively manage your endpoint security to ensure that threats cannot get a foothold on them and if a threat does appear, that it can be quickly remediated before it spreads. We can also manage your server security too in the same way, defending your server estate against any and all threats and ensuring that your servers are never compromised by the attackers.

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"What I like the most about managed security services is that they can help organisations to quickly fill any gaps in their security capabilities, simply by outsourcing key cybersecurity processes and functions to the ITSEC security operations team."

Alvin RaffertyMD Australia

"I often hear from business leaders that their strongest driver for outsourcing cybersecurity to a managed security services provider is that it allows them to keep their internal teams activities focused on their commercial priorities."

David ChiaMD Singapore

"You can spend an enormous amount of money, time and energy building out a cybersecurity department and still not get it right. Managed security services allow you to get cybersecurity right from day one and share the responsibility for cyber risk."

Andri HutamaMD Indonesia