Our partner Proofpoint is a Gartner's Magic Quadrant Leader in Secure Email Gateway, Enterprise Information Archiving and Security Awareness. Their cloud-based security solutions provide threat protection, global regulatory compliance and comprehensive eDiscovery capabilities for organizations using cloud productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365. Proofpoint is the true market leader with continued investments in innovative features. They have a sharp focus on email security and security analytics and we leverage these solutions in our customer environments to keep their communications safe and secure.

Protect Your Organisation From Advanced
Email Threats

Driving Real Behaviour Change

Today’s most potent cyber threat isn’t a zero-day vulnerability, new malware or the latest exploit kit. It’s your own users.That’s because today’s attacks target people, not IT infrastructure. No matter what form they take, most cyber attacks need a human victim to help activate them.

Ransomware Survival Guide

Ransomware is an old threat that persists as a modern-day problem. This type of malware - which gets its name from the payment it demands after locking away victims' files- is a major issue for any organization that relies on IT.