Our partner GateKeeper provides our customers enhanced corporate compliance and cyber security through mass automated authentication. Through wireless authentication, GateKeeper protects networks from internal breaches and confidential data exposure with patented, proximity – based authentication solutions that include two-factor authentication (2FA), centralised password management, and comprehensive auditing; reducing support time and cost while enhancing security and compliance.

Proximity-Authentication + Secure Access & Centralised Access Management

Accessing and managing network environments can be challenging due to the increased sophistication of cyber attacks. Everyday, millions of secure network environments are targeted and compromised through cyber network attacks causing irreversible damages to organizations world-wide. Often times, data breaches may contain critical information that can be detrimental to an organisation or its consumers if improperly collected and distributed. GateKeeper Enterprise is the Next-Gen Proximity-Authentication solution that automatically secures network access points by allowing users to securely access their network remotely and to secure the network with no action from the user.

Our advanced computer access control system proximity-authentication solution brings secure convenience to IT administrators and employees with wireless key fobs and/or Bluetooth enabled devices to securely automate the login process. Enable faster computer and website access based on presence, providing a more efficient workflow process and increasing productivity.

GateKeeper Enterprise provisions employees to log in to their computers and website user portals without the requirement of inputting passwords for access. With GateKeeper Enterprise, our clients experience the fastest user login experience on the access management system market – while providing real security with real convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Wireless access key for each employee
  • Bluetooth connectivity increases efficiency utilizing existing hardware
  • Launch remote desktop sessions from thin clients
  • Automating manual logins eliminates login mistakes
  • Access websites through a built-in password manager
  • Measure productivity data for all computers and users

All your passwords in one place and only accessible by you with your key fob. Experience fully automated access and security before full deployment. Instant MFA and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS.

Download the free Android app to turn your phone into your key.

Proximity login without passwords

Automatic lock for all workstations

Premium support & deployment assistance

Password manager for all your PC and website passwords